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Telangana movement has an historic approach with Electrical utilities. During 1969 Telangana agitation, a group of young Engineers from Telangana region have fought against the management for non-implementation of Mulki rule in APSEB, which was one of the state Government under takings. Many a no.of Engineers at KTPS Palvancha have participated and were jailed during the above agitations. KTPS has always played key role in formulating various Pro-Telangana agitations, due to all the higher ups in the management are from Seemandhra region. This was due to pressure from all the people to implement G.O. M.S No.36, Dated: Jan 21th,1969 ordering repatriation of all non Mulkis, before 28-02-1969.

K.T.P.S. has also faced uniqueness, as Seemandhra management sabotaged our own property on purpose of obtaining repair contracts to Andhra Contractors. It was confirmed by single man commission Sri. Sunda Ramaiah in 1979.

Even all APSEB scams occurred so far at high level in board are targetted towards Telangana Power supply and Distribution System. In this aspect, higher officials were found guilty by Sri. Vimalal Commission. It’s recommendations were never implemented.

After introducing reforms also the Seniors have never changed . As a entire governing body and rulers are from Seemandhra region.

At the time of peak Telangana movement all the respective association of Telangana region like Telangana Journalist forum,Telangana Udyogula Sangam , etc., had approached our Engineers , which necessiated for the formation of Telangana Electricity Engineers Association(TEEA).

Then a group of senior and junior Engineers met at Ashoka hotel , Lakdikapool on 17th December,2006 and decided to organize a meeting for the formal formation of TEEA. As per the proposal a grand meeting was organized on 24-12-2006 with the following dignetories.
  1. Shri. N.Janaiah
  2. P.Mohan Reddy
  3. M.Madhava Reddy
  4. S.Ganesh Shyam
  5. Chitharanjan
  6. Krishna Reddy
  7. Vinod Kumar
  8. Surender Reddy
  9. Sadashiva Reddy etc.,
The following guests were invited are
  1. Prof. Jaya Shanker
  2. Prof. Kondada Ramaiah
  3. Prof. Pasham Yadagiri
  4. Sri Vidya Sagar Rao etc.,
All the senior retired and working engineers have graced that occasion with a large no.of participants from all the districts, generating stations and AP TRANSCO from the Telangana Association.

The meeting adopted the following resolutions:
  1. To request the Govt.of India for taking steps towards the formation of Telangana State
  2. To form an Independent Association in the name of TEEA to carryout the various issues pertains to the Engineering cadre starting from Sub-Engineer to Cheif Engineer belongs to the Telangana region
  3. An adhoc body may be formed with a immediate effect for facilitating the registration procedure of this Association.
  4. TEEA will also actively participate in Telangana movement on paar with the other Telangana Associations for the cause of form of Telangana State.
  5. TEEA also works for implementation of 610 G.O. in Electricity utilities.
  6. Adhoc body will tour all the Telangana region circles, divisions, generating stations , etc. ,for massive enrolment of members from Sub Engineers to Cheif Engineer cadre and educate them on the need of association for Telangana.
new TEEA Letter Dt.29.7.15 to Addl.Secy(Home Affairs)/GoI on Employee Bifurcation TS Power Utilities


TEEA wishes Sri K.Chandra Sekhar Rao on taking oath as 1 st Chief Minister of Telangana State.
Formation of Telangana State Employee Data
In view of bifurcation of the state this month, this association has made all the effort to collect the employee data belonging to Telangana State.

Please ensure only Telangana Employees remain in Telangana State. Any illegal claims of the employees may be brought to our notice.
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